Spilte spill

Bergen brettspillklubb har ført statistikk over hvilke spill vi har spilt hver eneste spillekveld. I tabellen under ser du navnet på hvert spill som har blitt spilt i klubben, og hvor mange kvelder det har blitt spilt.

[Tabell sortert på antall ganger] [Tabell sortert på navn] [Kimstilsliste]

122 Dominion

64 Tsuro

40 Magic: The Gathering, No Thanks

38 Pandemic

36 Bohnanza

35 Kingdom Builder

33 Puerto Rico

32 Bandu

29 7 Wonders

28 Ubongo

27 Settlers of Catan

22 King of Tokyo

21 Carson City, Race for the Galaxy, Veigrep

20 Blokus

19 Qwirkle, Small World, Ticket to Ride

17 Eminent Domain, Stone Age

16 Imperial 2030, Viktory II

15 Agricola, Galaxy Trucker, Panic Station, Saboteur, Zak Pak!

14 Thunderstone

13 Drakon, Kuhhandel

12 Alias, Sorry Sliders, Star Wars: The Card Game

11 Android: Netrunner, Carcassonne, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Polarity

10 A til Ã…, Caylus, Keltis, Krigen om Kuran-krystallene, Libertalia, Q-Jet, QBicZu, Quicksand, Roll through the Ages, Steam: Rails to Riches, Ubongo Duel

9 Caylus: Magna Carta, Tzolk in: The Mayan Calendar

8 Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Kingsburg, Mr. Jack

7 Condottiere, Container, Coup, Dixit, Glory to Rome, Guillotine, Hey, That's My Fish!, Klimakrig: Europa 2045, Money, Munchkin, Phenomena -Kampen om Aldra, Terra Mystica, Tobago, Trans Europa

6 A Game of Thrones, Bang, Blood Bowl, Bybanisering, Dragon Rampage, El Grande, Escape: Curse of the Temple, Felix, Merchants and Marauders, Rattus, San Juan, We didn t playtest this at all

5 Citadels, Cluzzle, Die Burgen von Burgund, Eclipse, Le Havre, Lost Valley, Mascarade, Robo Rally, Space Alert, The Resistance

4 Ad Astra, Backseat Drawing, Blokus Duo, Bora Bora, Bruges, Carcassonne: Jegere og samlere, Cyclades, Dice Town, Die Speicherstadt, Dominant Species, Dungeon Lords, Fantasi, Gulo Gulo, In the Year of the Dragon, Incan Gold, Kokkelimonke, Last Will, Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, Mamma Mia, Municipals, Nexus Opus, Power Grid, Power Grid: Factory Manager, Quarriors, Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Snow Tails, Taluva, The Resistance: Avalon, Time'n'Space, Tokaido, Vikeplikt eller dø, Vinci: The Rise and Fall of Civilisations

3 Acquire, Alien Frontiers, Amerigo, Augustus, Caverna, Chicago Express, City of Remnants, Colossal Arena, Cuba, Days of Steam, Endeavour, Evo, Finca, Fjellspillet 7+, Flash Point Fire Rescue, Frag, Fresco, Ghost Stories, Goa, Havana, High Society, Infiltration, Isla Doroda, Keyflower, Killer Bunnies, Kriminell kontroll, La Città, Lancaster, Loco, Lords of Waterdeep, Love Letter, Macao, Mage Knight: -The board game, Murder at the Cocktail Party, Niagara, Notre Dame, Oregon, Penny Arcade; The Game - Gamers vs. Evil, Psykisk lidelse, Puzzle Strike, Ricochet Robots, Scarab Lords, The Secret Labyrinth, Village, Warhammer: Invasion

2 1812: The Invasion of Canada, 1st & Goal, Age of Steam, Amon-Re, Andromeda, Aqua Romana, Archipelago, Bang! The Dice Game, Belfort, Cash'n'Guns, Castle Panic, China, Chinatown, Coloretto, Combat Commander, Cosmic Encounter, Cranium, Cthulu Fluxx, Das Baumspiel "Arbos", Das Magische Labyrint, Dungeon Petz, Fairy Tale, Fast Floating Forest Fellows, For Sale, Forbidden Island, Funny Friends, Fürstenfeld, Fårspiel, Ganske enkelt genialt, Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!, Great Wall of China, Himalaya, Illuminati, Innovation, Jamaica, K2, Kamelkappløp, Kemet, Kingdoms, Korsika, Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, Letter from White Chapel, Lifeboat, Lixo, Locke & Key, Manhattan Project, Mission: Red Planet, Mobsters, Modern Art, Monopol, Monuments, Mr. Jack Pocket, Navegador, Nuns on the Run, Pit, Prosperity, Quorridor, Rampage, Red November, Ryktet går, Samurai, Santiago, Sequence, Settlers of America, Smash Up, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Star Fluxx, Star Wars: X-Wing, Stillingskrig, Stormenes tid, Strada Romana, The Adventure, The Bucket King, Thier auf Thier, Thurn and Taxis, Torres, Ubongo Extreme, Vasco da Gama, Vikings, Walnut Grove, Yspahan

1 "Elverum", "Piknik", (Det spillet med bygninger og terninger som folk g, 1775: Rebellion, 1800, 1969, 51st state, A Distant Plain, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Abandon Ship, Adios Amigos, Africana, Age of Mythology, Agua, Alcatraz: The Scapegoat, Among the Stars, Andean Abyss, Angry Birds: Knock on Wood, Antik, Arena Maximus, Article 27: The UN Security Council Game, Asara, Ascension, Avalon, Aye, Dark Overlord, Banana Balance, Battle beyond Space, Battles of Westeros, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Blue Moon City, Bluff, Boom Town, Bootleggers, Boss Monster, Bottle Imp, Braggart, Brainstorm, Brass, Bridge Troll, Buccaneer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cardcassonne, Castles, Cave Men, Cheeky Monkey, Chez Geek, Chez Goth, Chez Guevara, Chrononauts, Cities, CO2, Colosseum, Core Worlds, Cthulu Gloom, Ctuhlu Dice, Cyclades, D * Day Dice, David and Goliath, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Diamonds Club, Dive. Diver. Die., Dos Rios, Double or Nothing, Dragon's Gold, Drum Roll, Eketorp, Emerald, Entdecker, Escaletion, Expedition, Expedition Sumatra, Familiy Business, Fauna, Fire and Axe: A Viking Saga, Firefly: The Game, Fish eat Fish, Fits, Flash Duel, Flux, Formula D, Formula Motor Racing, Friedrich, Fury of Dracula, Galactic Emperor, Giants, Greed Quest, Hamburgum, Hamster rolle, Hanabi, Happy Couples, Hawaii, Heave Ho, Heck Meck, High Frontier, Homesteaders, Hotel Mystery, Hula Hippos, Hungergames: Jabberjay, In the Shadow of the Emperor, India Rails, Iron and Oak, Jab -Realtime Boxing, Junta, Karibik, King's Breakfast, Kingdom of Salomon, King`s blood, Kongen av Kolossalhavet, Kremlin, La Cosa Nostra, Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-?, Land Unter, Legends of Andor, Lego Lava Dragon, Lego Piratens planke, Lemming Mafia, Lewis & Clark, Lifeboat (kortspill), Ligretto, Ligretto Dice, Lobo 77, Long Shot, Looping Louie, Lord$ of Vega$, Luna: In the Domain of the Moon Priestess, MagTrACKS, Merchant of Venus, Meteropolys, Metro, Morgenland, Mykerinos, Myrmes, Mystery Express, Mystery of the Abbey, Na so was, Nations, Nautilus, Neuland, New York Chase, Ninja Burger, Oh Zoo le Mio, Once upon a Time, Palast gefluster, Palatinus, Panic on Wall Street, Party Alias, Phanteon, Pirate's Cove, Pompeii, Poo, Portobello Market, Posion, Pueblo, Ra, Rally Man, Reco, Reef Encounter, Reisen til jordens indre, Resident Evil, Revolution, Rialto, Rising Kings, Risk, Risk Express, Road to Canterbury, Royal Palace, Rumis, Safranito, Santa Cruz, Scotland Yard, Scrabble, Set!, Shadow Hunters, Shear Panic, Sitting Ducks Gallery, Slavika, Sobek, Space Hulk: Death Angel: The card game, Spank the Monkey, Spectral Rails, Spyrium, St. Petersburg, Starship Merchants, Steam Park, Steel Driver, Strandis, String Railway, Suburbia, Suck Vacuum, Suleika, Super Circles, Taj Mahal, Take that!, Takenoko, Tannhäuser, Tecno Witches, That s life, The Art of Science, The Manhatten Project, The Three Musketeers, Thebes: The Tomb Raiders, Tigris & Euphrates, Tikal, To Court the King, Tog til Kvakkmark, Toledo, Tomboktou, Trans America, Travel Blog, Tribune, Triviual Persuit -Sjokoladeutgave, Troyes, Trödeln, Tutankhamen, Union Pacific, Ursuppen, Vegas, Veldig kort kortspel med myntar. Tor sitt?, Venture Forth, Villa Paletti, Warumono 2, Wealth of Nations, Western Town, Wie Verhext, World War 5, World without End, Worm Up!, Wyat Earp, Würfel-Bohnanza, Yikerz!, Zing